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A View From The Doghouse
I was privileged to work with the first three classes of the 319th AAFWFTD (before they were known as WASP) in Houston, Texas at Municipal Airport. It was an exciting time for me because I admired those ladies so much. The first class was labeled "The Guinea Pigs" because it was the first program of its kind. There were 29 ladies reporting to Aviation Enterprises to learn to fly the Army way. All of those ladies were required to have 200 hours of flying time and had more hours logged than some of their instructors. They also had to report at their own expense! There are numerous books written about the WASP and Sweetwater, but very few about the Houston group,
where it all started.

A friend of mine, Raymond Stolz, made the statement that he would sure like to know what happened to his students after the war. Raymond was an Instructor /Advanced Flight Commander in Houston and Sweetwater. Since I am retired I thought it would be good project for me. I really didn't expect it to turn into a book - but it did!

A VIEW FROM THE DOGHOUSE of the 319th AAFWFTD is finally available.  Click here to order this book online!  It is available in paperback for $16.00 and hardback for $24.25 plus $5.00 postage.  It takes five to seven days for shipping.  It was a labor of love!  You may also purchase from me.  I may be reached by e-mail - or by phone:  Home - (281) 356-8514 or Cell (713) 851-2776.  Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 198, Magnolia, Texas 77353.  I ship immediately.

Back Row: Jane Straughan, Margaret McCormick, Ruth Hellman, Elizabeth McKinley, Byrd Granger, Brownie Brown, Magda Tacke, Catherine DeBernard, Claire Callaghan, Marion Florsheim, Marjorie Kumler, Vega Johnson, Marjorie Gray, Marjorie Ketchum, Betty Tackaberry
Front Row: Dorothy Young, Marion Mackey, Edna Collins, Mary Lou Colbert, Geri Lamphere, Eleanor Boysen, Leoti Deaton, Ann Johnson, Evelyn Greenblatt, Lovelle Richards, Sidney Miller, Georgia Williams