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Doghouse @ Municipal

The years I worked at Houston Municipal Airport during World War II are some of my most delightful memories.

I started to work there in 1940 for Aviation Enterprises as a dispatcher. My office was a glassed in building sitting on the flight line - so I had a birdseye view of all the exciting happenings. It was affectionately known as "The Doghouse." At that time Aviation Enterprises had a contract with the U. S. Government to train civilian pilots (mostly male) to fly the "Army" or "Navy" way. It was called the Civilian Pilot Training Program. It was a very fun job because everyone was doing what they loved best - flying!

Celeste in front of The Doghouse
Aviation Enterprises - 1942
Houston, Texas
Ben Clapp 1942
Aviation Enterprises

Homer Jones & Jimmy Craddock 1941 Henry Kriegel - Vice President & General Manager Aviation Enterprises 1942
Earl McKaughan
Owner and President
Aviation Enterprises
Bill Lowrey
Instructor 1941
Back: Hurst, Pittman, Wilbur King, Casey, Jimmie Coe
Front: Johnny Hamp, Vernon Kummel, Bill Lowrey, Weldon Atkins,
Henry Kriegel, Vice President and General Manager AEI
Paul Ward and C. Elmo Hatcher
Instructors - 1941
Jimmie Coe, Instructor 1941 Ben Clapp
Paying for Flying Lessons
Vernon Kummel, Instructor 1941

McCormick & Marvin Trussel 1941


Raymond Stolz 1941