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Old Aviation Photos

These photos have been accumulated over the years and I feel that someone may enjoy looking at them and may even know some of the individuals.

The photos from College Station were taken when I was employed by Kadette Aviation in College Station, Texas.  I was there in late 1939 and the early part of 1940. The airport that was used then only had one hangar and a dirt runway.  It is now known as Easterwood Airport in College Station. 

The photos from South Main Airport were taken in 1940-41 when I worked there for Mr. Schroeder, who had a training school there.  It was not a government program but just for those young people who wanted to learn to fly.  The office manager was Mr. House and the two instructors were Tommy Mason and Ed Hensch.

In 1941 I became employed by Aviation Enterprises.  It was located at Houston Municipal Airport, now known as Hobby Airport. Aviation Enterprises had the contract to train Civilian Pilots the Army way.  These students were mostly from the University of Houston enrolled in the Civilian Pilot Training Program.  There were no females in that program in Houston even though in some states the quota was 1 female to every 10 males. Then in 1942 Aviation Enterprises received the contract for training women to fly mainly to ferry airplanes within the boundary of the US to relieve men for combat duty in Europe and the Pacific.  They were called the 319th AAFWFTD (Army Air Force Women's Flight Training Detachment).  The first three programs were in Houston and later moved to Sweetwater because of the shortage of air space in Houston with new classes coming in every three months or so.