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Mr. House and Ed Hinsch
After a Small Accident - 1940

South Main Airport

Do any of you remember South Main Airport in Houston, Texas?  It was located way out South Main past Sivil's Drive-in and near Playland Park and Plantation Night Club.  It was owned and operated by Mr. J. L. Schroeder, who also owned a crop dusting business.  Most of the activity at that small airport consisted of flying lessons and renting small planes.  I worked there in early 1940 before I started to work for Aviation Enterprises, Inc. at Municipal Airport. Maybe you will be able to recognize some of the pictures that follow.

Ed Hinsch, John Henry Eagle, Tommy Mason
South Main Airport - 1940

I shall never forget when I was introduced to Pop Gaither.  He flew into the airport one afternoon and I was told what a great pilot he was and that he learned to fly by the "seat of his pants."  No instructions - just got in and flew the plane.  I understand he was from Pearland, Texas and did some barnstorming in his day - as did most of the early pilots.  He was quite a character and I really enjoyed listening to his stories - just wish I could remember some of them.  At that time he seemed to be an "old man" to me - was probably all of 40 or 50!!!  I wish I had a photo of him to add to this web page, but I do not.  If anyone out there by chance has a photo - I would certainly like a copy to add here.