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Wings Over Houston

What a great time we had at Wings Over Houston this year.  We had such good visits with good friends like Bud Day, the most decorated Pilot in the U. S.  He served in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.  He was shot down in Viet Nam and was in the same prison camp with Sen. John McCain.  Bud is truly a legend and has a lovely wife named Doris.  She didn't come with him this year but we are hoping she will in 2013.  We were sad that Dick Cole, Co-pilot of Jimmy Doolittle, wasn't able to be there this year.  He was in Washington accepting an award.  Hopefully we will see him also in 2013. 

Beverly and I have really looked forward to going every year and have made some good friends - Joe and Norma McPhail, John Simmons, L. D. Tate, Doug Youngblood, Bud Anderson, A. J. and Claudette High, to name a few.  I just finished reading Bud Anderson's book and it was great.  He flew the P51 and I am very partial to that plane.  My cousin and friend, Col. Charles Afton Gayle, flew one of those in WWII and was stationed in Alaska and the Aleutions at the first of the war when Japan was trying to access the US through those islands.